Restoration Companies Dry Out Homes to Prevent Mold From Forming

Any home can become infested with mold if there’s a leak somewhere that isn’t repaired right away, or the home is damp due to a lack of ventilation. Mold isn’t the first thing on a homeowner’s mind, until they see a wall downstairs in the dimly lit, damp basement covered with a strange looking growth. They don’t realize that mold can begin growing within 24 – 48 hours, and it grows very quickly. Turning a fan on high to dry out the basement is the wrong thing to do. Spores from the mold can be blown all through the home causing the growth of more mold.

Since much of its growth is due to a wet basement, it’s best to call in a company that specializes in removing it. It’s quite dangerous for the homeowner to work on it themselves because of the spores. Even professionals wear protective clothing when they’re removing black mold from homes. It can get into lungs and cause extreme breathing difficulties, plus horrible allergic reactions to family members who have a weakened immune system. The best companies to call are restoration companies that work with people who’ve gone through floods and fires.


Even though a fire doesn’t destroy a home, water to put the fire out can also have a terrible effect on it. When homes are being restored back to normal, the technicians clean them of mud and debris, take large machines in to dry them out, and remove all the furniture that is ruined. In the meantime, they look for areas that may be infested with mold growth and explain to clients what they need to do to eradicate it.

Mold comes in many colors, from pink and white, to green or black. It’s easy to spot when a person is looking for it. Sometimes it grows because there are no attic vents or bathroom fans to drawn out hot moist air when family members shower. This condensation collects on walls of the home, bathroom floors, and on the windows and sills. If left damp or wet it won’t be long before mold will develop.

Many times, there are drainage problems outside the home that cause water to back up, pool and penetrate the basement walls. Restoration companies take everything into consideration, and come up with a good solution.


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